DHCPatriot update 5.1.2 released!

DHCPatriot logoDHCPatriot update 5.1.2 has been released. Patch notes for this release.

  1. Added firewall rules to place a limit on the number of connections that can be opened by a single client machine to the web authentication page. The limit is 20 hits in 10 seconds. It works like this: once a client opens his 20th connection in 10 seconds, he cannot open anymore. If he continues to try during the time that he cannot open more connections, this counts as well. The client machine will need to wait and not open any more connetions until 10 seconds has passed. It is unlikely that clients with a virus infection opening large amounts of web page ports will be able to get to the authentication page.
  2. Changed MaxRequestsPerChild to 1024 from 0 in the web server. This will allow running servers to exit after serving a certain number of pages as per manufacturer recommendation.
  3. Removed text wrapping from all textareas to prevent inconsistancies with visual wrap versus storage of actual data.
  4. Added some more error messages to the suspend user function. Previously – mass suspending users was confusing because it reported no individual success. Also, when a mac address was invalid, no specific error was displayed which was also confusing. These success/error messages have been added.
  5. Added snmpd, ntpd and mysqld to the daily restart list for maintenance purposes.
  6. Added support for adding custom DHCP configurations to each standard dynamic subnet. This is similar to the global configuration available in the general settings, but is on a per-subnet basis.
  7. Repaired an issue with the graph where the maximum utilization always read 0% … it now reads the correct percentage.
  8. Repaired an issue where sticky ips username was case sensitive. This was not meant to be case sensitive and the problem has been corrected.
  9. Administrator accounts created in the CLI menu interface previously wound up being DES encrypted. This has been corrected and these passwords are now MD5 encrypted the same as those created in the web administration interface.
  10. Repaired a problem where automatically suspending old devices could cause a problem on the system making it unstable.

If you have any questions on how to make sure you have the latest version of the DHCPatriot software on your system, please contact us at dhcpatriot@network1.net or 1-800-578-6381 Option 3.