Product Development is Expanding

Michael WulfhorstFirst Network Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent growth of its Product Development department to better align itself with new client opportunities. Michael “Wulf” Wulfhorst joined the Product Development department July 1 as a Product Specialist where he is assisting with the operation, testing and diagnostics of our popular DHCPatriot, platform as well as other Product Development solutions.

“It is our great pleasure to add Wulf to our Product Development department. This addition increases the depth and breadth of Product Development, expanding the resources available to customers of the increasingly popular DHCPatriot DHCP management platform,” remarked Steve Walter, President and CEO, First Network Group, Inc. “The demand for the DHCPatriot in Fiber To The Home (FTTH) deployment, combined with the Patriot’s popularity with ISPs, required us to expand to meet growing customer needs.”

Michael “Wulf” Wulfhorst started at First Network Group in 2002 as an entry-level support technician in order to use his computer knowledge and skills professionally. This was Wulf’s first chance to apply his know-how in the tech industry since studying Network Administration at Rhode’s State College.

Wulf’s love affair with technology began at the age of 12. His first computer, a Commodore 64, quickly became his passion and he was engrossed with the possibilities of programs and games the platform afforded him. As his new hobby grew, so did his collection of computers and in 1995 he accessed the Internet for the first time and has not looked back since. He has been fascinated with the history of very complex systems like ENIAC turning into mere household items and then for a nearly ubiquitous household item to merge with the Internet and be used as a means to unite the globe.

Since joining First Network Group, Wulf has received numerous awards and quickly attained the rank of Senior Technician. As a member of this elite group of technicians he has been responsible for maintaining operational support for all Tier 1 technicians, as well as creating and maintaining support documentation and reporting.

The DHCPatriot is an easy to use, stable platform for management of general purpose DHCP networks. The DHCPatriot also offers authenticated DHCP in broadband subscriber, IPTV, cable modem or traditional networks. For additional information visit our website