FNGi Branded Optics

fng laser opticsFirst Network Group, Inc. now offers our own line of FNGi-branded optics. This includes the common SFP optical transceivers, as well as SFP+, XFP, CFP, and more. These are sourced from major manufacturers (the same ones that make the OEM-labeled products) and programmed and tested by one of the leading suppliers in the industry.

Custom programming allows these  modules to appear the same as OEM models to switches and routers. No more having to issue special commands to get non-original SFPs to function.

We can provide direct replacements for existing OEM models. In some cases, we can offer  similar models that exceed the distance specifications, or use different wavelengths. Examples include 100+km distance support, Bi-directional optics that use only 1 fiber, and DWDM models. Our optical transceivers have a lifetime warranty.

We also provide a full catalog of optical cabling, as well. A variety of lengths, fiber types, and connectors are available.

Contact Randy Carpenter for more details and for a custom quote.
rcarpen@network1.net or 1-800-578-6381, option 2