DHCPatriot version 5.2.1 has been released

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This is a maintenance with bug fixes only. Only DHCPatriot systems experiencing the bugs repaired in this release will receive this software. All of the fixes from this release will of course be in version 5.3.0.

Release notes:

  1. Added hardware support for the 2013-1 model of DHCPatriot system.
  2. Gave space on startup to launching programs so that they don`t all launch simultaneously. This should help with some freeze-up on startup problems.
  3. Added diagnostic software that will allow us to access hardware information in the field.
  4. Repaired a problem where if both circuit and remote ids were provided in option 82, the remote-id was not recorded.
  5. Repaired a problem that could cause the daily cron tasks to possibly hang and therefore not run the next day.
  6. When DHCP log storage gets to large, it can cause slowdowns and problems on the DHCPatriot. A watchdog has been introduced to clean the logs if they get to large. * Please note that this refers to logs not session information, in other words the transitory information used for troubleshooting someone`s DHCP problems, not the storage of what IP address was used by whom at what time *
  7. Added extra information to the log file when an invalid DHCP event is encountered so that we may find the offending event and remove it.