To The Great Beyond!

Happy April Fools! 😉

First Network Group, Inc. is proud to announce the next step in our near 20 year history. The First Space Network Group and its flagship the NCC-001 “Vint Cerf”.

thespaceshipToday we embark on our greatest adventure yet by bringing the internet to low earth orbit. No longer will people be plagued with limited or no access between 200 and 385 miles above the surface of the Earth.

This project has been the culmination of countless hours of work and planning (we were too busy working to actually count them). It is our fervent desire to make sure the entire world is connected and can share in the vast resource of the modern internet.

Our first launch of the Vint Cerf is scheduled for later today and will begin the ground work of floating miles of fiber optic cable encircling the planet.

Phase two will consist of the construction of node links to these fiber backbones and the creation of way stations where you can dock and connect any standard ethernet cable to the service.

Phase three will be the roll-out of our Orbital Wireless Technology Feature (oWTF) which will enable near node transmission and reception of wireless internet access with the network. This will enable less docking and maneuvering for the spacefarer on the go.

Access will be granted via our very own DHCPatriot. While widely deployed across the United States serving ISP’s of all sizes, college campuses and businesses, this will be its first venture into space.

If you are interested in joining us in the exciting adventure, or any of our other terrestrial services, please contact us to come on board!