Remote Assistance

“This direct control allows the technician to check several things faster than the caller.” Contacting technical support can take many forms, from support websites to simple email interaction all the way to talking to a live person via the telephone any time of the a day or night.

Each form of support provides a different level of interaction appropriate to the level of need of the customer. Some customers simply need to know if the SMTP server supports authentication and will find that via a non-interactive means such as your support website. Other users have a unique situation or need and require a bit more interaction so they will seek online chat, email or telephone support.

Then there are times when a customer needs even deeper immersion and interaction than that. In this case our Remote Presence utility is the pinnacle of support and interaction. This technical support feature is a totally secure remote support solution that allows us to directly interact with and view the customers computer. This tool helps when it’s hard for the customer to accurately describe a problem that needs to be visualized to be understood.

The software is small, downloads quickly and can be fully customized with your company’s logo and credentials. When the software is opened it provides the customer with a way for our technicians to securely connect and view and control their computer. Each session and connection is unique and secured with AES-256 bit encryption.

This direct control allows the technician to check several things faster than the caller. It is also a unique way to show customers how to get the most of out of their computer and online experience. Our Remote Presence software is completely free of charge and is yet another of our support tools that create the best technical support your customers can experience. Unlike some other support centers, we do not charge extra for the feature-rich improvements to our process.

Contact us today for a price quote and evaluation, to find out what others have known for nearly two decades, that First Network Group Technical Support is the leader in value and service. Contact Cory Lykins, VP of Tech Services at 1-800-578-6381, option 6, to find out more.