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Expanded Your Storage

First Network Group now offers an expanded lineup of storage offerings to cover a wider range of applications and price points.

We have partnered with Western Digital to offer their line of IntelliFlash storage systems as an alternative to
NetApp’s offerings that we continue to support. These are both very good options for primary storage for
virtualization and other critical workloads.

The Western Digital IntelliFlash line consists of models ranging from hybrid flash+disk to all-flash and NVMe to cover many different use cases and budgets. Hardware options are significantly simplified compared to other vendors and all software features are included. All systems run the same operating system and have the same management options, which also simplifies deployment and operation.

We are now also offering white-box storage systems that can run various different operating systems, such as FreeNAS, standard Linux, or nearly anything else. These come in at a much lower price point that fully-integrated systems. These options will not have the same sort of high-availability options and advanced management as Western Digital IntelliFlash or NetApp. They do, however, serve as perfect second or third tier storage for non-critical or backup needs.

First Network Group’s engineers can build you the perfect combination of primary, disaster recovery, and backup storage to meet your needs, all integrate with the appropriate servers, networking, and software. In addition, we can monitor and manage your entire IT infrastructure to reduce the need for local, highly-trained, dedicated employees or to free up your existing employees to do other important duties.

For more information on our storage offerings or any other server or networking needs, call Randy Carpenter, VP of IT Services at 1-800-578-6381, option 1.