A Better Way

We have all seen the jokes online, on TV shows and in movies about a bewildered customer needing assistance and calling their technical support only to find the person on the other end is unintelligible and incapable of helping them.

The key to running a healthy call center is efficiency; however, perceived “efficiencies” can erode true customer service. The “shotgun approach” defines efficiency as moving the employees from call-to-call as fast as possible while trying to fix only the most common problems. Typically, this approach does not get to the heart of the customer’s problem or provide a good customer service experience.

Our call center’s focus is to be quick and efficient, by making sure we have available staff for every caller in a timely manner, but how we get there is a little different from other places. We actually train our employees. We do not use one-size fits all scripts nor do we rely on software alone to provide automated guidance.

To achieve this model we maintain a vast Knowledge Base of solutions and information. Our employees are taught how to quickly get at the root of a problem with deductive reasoning and then to apply information from our Knowledge Base, not because they are told to, but because they understand that is the correct course. If an employee does not understand a concept or construct about the situation, they escalate the call to a more senior technician and, after the call, they discuss the remedy so they can gain that knowledge. Our call center approach builds problem solvers, not drones.

This approach creates an efficient environment because there is little to no wasted time with an employee wandering off in the wrong direction or wasting time redoing steps repeatedly. Knowledge is the key, not scripts, not hand holding but knowledge that can be built and expanded upon. While we are focused on making sure our time to first contact is as low as possible (current average is: 1.26 minutes) we are flexible enough to make sure that customers requiring special attention or have larger needs are also taken care of correctly. Striking that balance is not easy but it is imperative to run a successful call center and support network. Join the First Network Group family today and offer your Internet customers – broadband and dial-up – cellular, CATV/IPTV and landline, our outstanding technical service.

Contact us today to find out more information about this incredibly useful service. Ask for me directly, Cory Lykins , V.P. – Technical Support: coryl@network1.net or call me at 1-800-578-6381, option 6